The Planeteers

Massacre's End

The Planeteers regroup at the mountain cabin to rest and check on the rescued prisoners. Aestriol warns them to avoid disrespecting the Prince of Frost while in the Vale of the Long Night where he reigns.

When the Planeteers arrive in Fort Dolor, safely escorting the eladrin prisoners, the townsfolk are more nervous than ever. The Planeteers soon see why, as the Prince of Frost has set up an outdoor court in the center of the fort. He freezes Xeriope in a clear pillar of ice and banishes Captain Revince, as a warning to the dangers of charms. The Pale Prince then publicly thanks the Planeteers and advises them to seek teleportation back to their realm in the Summer Court. The Prince of Frost offers Olwick a new sword and position as lieutenant in the Fortress of Frozen Tears. Olwick accepts the sword, but politely defers the rise in station.

Darth Machismo has his fists frozen in a ritual to create Gloves of Ice.

Dread has begun having disturbing dreams. In them a skull larger than the moon gazes down from the night sky. Its cold gaze chills Dread to his core, but Dread isn’t frightened until a bloody sluglike creature that must be the size of a mountain pushes its way out a gap between the skull’s clenched teeth. More and more of these slugs crawl out of the skull and make bloody trails over its face. Soon it seems like the skull will burst from all the slugs struggling to escape, and just as that thought crosses Dread’s mind, it explodes. Behind the skull, Dread catches a glimpse of an unfamiliar constellation of thirteen stars before the bloody slug things rain down upon the world like a million falling stars, obscuring the night sky with fire.

In their last night on Aestriol Equidae’s ranch, before they were to ride out on horses to the Summer Court, the dream changed. Rather than ending with Dread awake after the explosion of fire in the sky, it continued. In the dream, Dread fled into the woods, running madly to escape the exploding crashes of things from the sky burrowing mile-long furrows into the ground. As Dread ran, an explosion ahead brought him up short. Unable to resist investigating the glowing crater, Dread looked within and saw the shape of a face burned in the ground. Inside the face’s mouth was a large book opened to pages with words written in blood. Before Dread could read the words, the dream ended.



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