The Planeteers

The Blood-Soaked Portal

Across the ice-covered chamber is a huge glowing screen of purple-black energy coursing back and forth between two obsidian pillars. Standing before the screen is a creature covered in jangling chains. The chains appear to slither and crawl over the creature’s brown, wrinkled flesh. The chain creature holds an eladrin wrapped in chains from the creature’s body.

Also in the room are a number of creatures wearing black plate armor and wielding red longswords. Green fire glows in the eyes above a mouth full of sharp teeth. Other equally devilish creatures, sporting reddish horns and leathery wings, stand between you and the chain creature.

The chamber’s ceiling is 40 feet above the floor, and an opening at the top of the chamber leads into the sky.

This chamber, the heart of the dragon’s lair, once held its vast horde…and it still holds a portal to Dis, the second plane of the Nine Hells. The chain devil Ichyrot and his personal guard have taken up residence here.

  • Flying Cambion Hellswords, teleporting Legion Devil Hellguards, and Ichyrot himself make this a difficult fight, bottlenecking the Planeteers near the entrance
  • Nearly defeated, Ichyrot attempts to escape through the portal into Dis, but Darth Machismo gives chase, antagonizes a copse of flying demons, and travels back through the portal with a rescued eladrin prisoner
  • The cave is chilled further when the Pale Prince himself arrives to investigate the energies of the portal, which he dislikes. He thanks the Planeteers for their diligence, and advises them to run as he causes a collapse of the mountain cave with an overflux of internal ice and avalanche.



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