The Planeteers

Vile Works

The passage from the entrance chamber leads up to this strangely shaped cavern. On the far side of the chamber, standing at attention, are several gangly creatures covered in spines. Long, wicked claws hang at the end of their spindly arms. Beyond these creatures is a pit. You believe you hear the sound of an occasional moan or murmur coming from the pit.

Brainwashed eladrin throw themselves at the Planeteers in an attempt to protect the spined devils and the oni. They are vicious attackers, but mindless to their own defense. Two follow the oni leader Urrgh to their death when he jumps from a high ledge.

Urrgh threatened to kill the eladrin prisoners if the Planeteers did not leave. This seemed to be a bluff, as the oni does not kill any of the moaning eladrin in the pit when the Planeteers press their attack. Urrgh the oni is apparently not as dedicated to the cause as the devils. He attempted to use his hypnotic breath to put some Planeteers to sleep, but was greatly wounded and tried to flee using his gaseous form.

Fighting through most of the chamber, the Planeteers find in the pit, bunched together like so many fish in a barrel, are some of the garrison soldiers from Fort Dolor, as well as farmers and loggers from the surrounding area. The pit is 20 feet deep, but when a spined devil is pushed into the pit, the prisoners pummel and kick their captor, dealing extra damage in addition to the fall.

Once all the devils are defeated, the Planeteers rescue the prisoners in the pit. All of them are well enough to climb out of the pit with the lowered rope ladder. One prisoner, Aestriol Equidae, asked the Planeteers if they’d seen his daughter Mardiana, or if they knew her as Xeriope. When asked what else is in the lair, Aestirol related the following information:

  • None of the prisoners have been to the chambers of the lair beyond this point. A couple of them did see creatures passing through, going up into the upper reaches of the lair. One creature that passed through looked like a devil for sure, with red, glowing eyes and leathery wings sprouting from its back.
  • Five or six times a day, one of the spined creatures would pull a crature from the pit and would send the prisoner out of the chamber up the tunnel. None of those prisoners have been seen or heard from since.

The Planeteers sent the prisoners away, giving them direction to the mountain-side cabin and trusting Aestriol to guide them there.



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