Aestriol Equidae


An eladrin rancher who lives outside Fort Dolor. He breeds and raises horses, and he is also in charge of stabling and maintaining the horses for the military.

Aestriol was captured by spined devils and thrown into a pit to be used as a live sacrifice. The Planeteers rescued him and the other eladrin prisoners when they stormed the former lair of the white dragon Frystiomagythant.

Aestriol knew that his daughter, Mardiana, had been brainwashed to serve the hag Trilleste and her demon master Ichyrot as Xeriope, a fake survior of a false massacre. He was saddened to hear that she was killed by the Planeteers, but glad that she was beyond evil’s control.

Aestriol advises the Planeteers to be polite in audience with the Prince of Frost, and offers them use of his finest steeds to travel to the Summer Court.

Aestriol Equidae

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