Darth Machismo

Githzerai Monk


Long ago, in a land of supreme badassitude, there was a man, NAY, a dragon-man. He went around burninating the countryside, destroying, pillaging, wrecking shit. Until one day he came upon a modest hut emanating an aura of relative super-coolness. It is from this cool-hut that a Githzerai emerged. He was buff, gruff, and all kinds o’ stuff. Wielding nothing but his trademark fists, Pain and More Pain, he brought the lame man-dragon abomination down. He claimed to learn his craft in lands forgotten, unnamed but referred to in many legends where races of all kinds ventured to learn how to become one with their fists.

Darth Machismo’s goals are simple: travel the land, smitiing evil where he sees it with his hammers of justice.

When asked what he doesn’t like, “Eh, dragons tend to be the hardest to punch, I keep poundin but they always need more to die. Selfish bastards.”

Darth Machismo has no family, blah.

Darth Machismo

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