Harbek Mitja

Dwarf Warden


Many years ago, a dwarf clan began burrowing into a new mountain and settling camp on the side of the mountain next to a sacred forest.

As a result of the mining, delving into the forest for food, cutting down trees to make a new merchant road, the dwarves wore out their welcome in the sacred forest.

The spirits of the forest called fey creatures and magical beasts to discourage the dwarves from further invasion, but could only keep the intrusions to slow down.

A merchant caravan filled with supplies was attacked by creatures of the forest lead by an earth spirit. The merchants and bodyguards were killed. The earth spirit found the only survivors was a young dwarf family with a newborn child. The spirit spoke to the couple and asked for the child in return for safe passage away from the land. The family agreed, and the dwarf child was given to the earth spirit to raise as a protector for the forest.

The war continued between the fey and the dwarves for many years. The dwarf camp had grown into a small city, and the forest was scarred. Both sides had suffered loss.

The avatar of the earth spirit, Harbek Mitja, fought many successful battles against the dwarf settlement, but negotiated a truce between the spirits of the forest and the dwarves.

The spirit of earth was displeased with the truce and promised swift vengeance if the dwarves ever broke the truce. The earth spirit watches very carefully for a mistake, vowing to bring down the mountain and bury the dwarves and the forest both. The earth spirit holds Harbek personally responsible for the situation, one he sees as a bad decision.

Recently, the forest’s lake spirit of water had a purifying pearl within its waters stolen. The pearl was used to purify the lake of waste runoff from the dwarven settlement. If the pollution continues unchecked, the lake water spirit will die and the land surrounding the lake will suffer.

Although the earth spirit was quick to blame the dwarves for the missing pearl, it may have a valid point, as there are factions within the dwarf settlement who would see a return to the warring to decide a final victor.

Warden Harbek was tasked to find the water spirit’s pearl and those who stole it. The water spirit of the lake is using his own powers to purify the lake, but his powers will be taxed and drained. If the water spirit were to die, war would soon follow.

Harbek Mitja

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