Winterkin Eladrin Swordmage


Olwick has always had a fascination with magic and swordplay, combining both in a common Eladrin class known as Swordmage. In order to become a personal guard to the Prince of Frost, Olwick has taking the path of the Aegis of Shielding.

Olwick’s goals are to gain enough skill to become a personal bodyguard of the Pale Prince. He hopes to one day become a valuable asset to the Lord of the Vale of the Long Night, so that he can get close enough to kill him. At the moment, his current mission is to find the reincarnation of Sharea, but not to return her to his master, but to get information from her that can be used to kill him. He travels with his current party in hopes that in their travels he will find her.

Since Olwick works as a thrall of the Pale Prince, they share the same enemies.

When the Pale Prince seized control of the Winter Court, it was a swift but violent struggle with other members of the court. Olwick’s parents were among the ones slain. Olwick was among the first of the Prince’s thralls, swearing allegiance to him after news of his parent’s death came to him. It’s rumored that he has a cousin from among the Eladrin of the Summer Court, but it’s something that he hasn’t had time to look into.


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