Prince of Frost

The Pale Prince


Surely you’ve heard the stories of the Pale Prince and how he schemes to cover the world in ice—how each winter is a reflection of his struggle to extinguish the sun and cast the land into cold night. Perhaps you’ve heard of the menagerie in the Fortress of Frozen Tears, with mortals of great skill or beauty trapped forever in icy prisons. Or the tales of his wintertouched, which are servants who spread sorrow across the world and spill new tears for the walls of their prince’s fortress.

When you hear the mournful cry of the wind in the darkest depths of winter, beware. It could be the hunting horn of the Prince of Frost, come to claim another trophy for his dark hall.

Mightiest of the Winter Fey, the Prince of Frost is majestic and terrifying. Winter follows in his footsteps, and he can call down a blizzard or freeze a lake with a word or glance. Despite his handsome features and his resonant voice, he has a chill in his manner that he cannot hide. His heart is made of ice, and while he saves his cruelty for his enemies, joy has no place in his soul. He is a master orator, and his wit is sharp and cold. When he turns to intimidation, his words freeze the air. He is amused by verbal duels with mortals, and he might not kill a foe who impresses him with a clever argument or witty tale. Although he is not given to cruelty for its own sake, he shows no mercy to those who raise his ire.

Despite his dark reputation and his ruthless nature, the Lord of the Long Night is a fey of his word. He might offer uneven terms in his bargains or arrange a game in a deceptive manner. He is a cunning enemy, and battles of wit are one of the few pleasures that still warm his heart. He rarely swears oaths to mortals, but a sworn pledge is one the Pale Prince keeps.

In addition to his combat powers, the Prince of Frost is a skilled ritual caster. He can use the Control Weather ritual (PHB2, pg. 214) at will, but only to create and control winter weather. When he does so, he uses the Arcana skill, has no component cost, and lowers the casting time to 10 minutes. His ability to create wintery weather is not limited by the season. This is a trivial use of his power; given more time, he can call greater storms over a far wider area.

Prince of Frost

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