Eladrin Charmer


Said to be the only survivor of an attack of great evil in the forest, Xeriope was a voluptuous eladrin girl found just outside the walls of the winterkin citadel Fort Dolor.

She was found bedraggled and badly injured outside Fort Dolor. When she awoke, the girl who called herself Xeriope spoke of a great evil that slaughtered everyone in her logging camp and many others in the forest. She attributed her survival to having been nearly crushed under a number of logs and assumed dead by the attacking evil (her bruising and cuts did suggest heavy beatings).

Suspicious, the garrison soldiers isolated her from the public for questioning. Xeriope was taken to a room in the home of Phlen, a young eladrin herbalist whose house doubled as the herb shop of Fort Dolor. Phlen knew enough about the mortal body to recognize that something wasn’t right with Xeriope, but he is a trusting soul and attributed the oddity to whatever force invaded her camp and killed her parents.

Garrison commander Captain Mereak Revince himself questioned Xeriope about the incident that brought her to Fort Dolor, but unfortunately was put under her spell; dominated into doing the bidding of Xeriope’s masters, the howling hag Trilleste and her as-yet-unnamed allies.

Xeriope successfully dominated Captain Revince, Olwick, and Jym in a lengthy fight with the Planeteers. Although she was captured and had her tongue removed by Dread, Xeriope was ultimately deemed too much of a threat by the Planeteers and Dave put her down.

Awoken from his dominated state, Captain Revince revealed Xeriope to be local rancher Aestriol Equidae’s missing daughter, Mardiana Equidae, herself an unfortunate victim of powerful magic and evil.

The howling hag Trilleste and some of her devilish minions had kidnapped the girl, and through much brainwashing and rituals to enslave Mardiana’s mind, alter her body, and imbue her with charm powers akin to a succubus. “Xeriope” was then commanded to assist the howling hag in sowing confusion and treachery around Fort Dolor, before the settlement became too large and too powerful to be conquered.

Jym urged to burn her body, but Captain Revince insisted on bringing Mardiana back to her family in Fort Dolor.


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