The Planeteers

Xeriope and Captain Revince

The Planeteers detect smoke from mountain cabin chimney and decide to stealthily investigate. Inside the cabin, they find the recovered “survivor” Xeriope and her protector, Captain Mereak Revince.

Xeriope hides behind Revince while he attacks the Planeteers. He does everything in his power to keep the Planeteers away from Xeriope, assuming that the Planeteers are part of the “evil from the forest” that is coming to kill her.

Xeriope runs deeper into the cabin when the Planeteers manage to separate her from Captain Revince, and Olwick gives chase. Three Spined Devils appear from the cabin rooms and surround Olwick. Xeriope attempts to dominate him with a charming kiss, and when she finally succeeds, tells him to protect her from the Planeteers and to get all of them to leave.

  • Olwick is dominated to protect Xeriope from the Planeteers if they do not leave
  • The Planeteers all attack Xeriope, who does not retaliate as she attempt to stay near Olwick
  • Olwick, Xeriope, and Captain Revince are eventually all knocked out
Lost in the Woods

After a journey of two days, you arrive at a logging camp at the edge of the forest. Several eladrin and a few elves toil here, hauling timber and cutting logs. They wave to you as you approach.

While the loggers here have heard of attacks at sites in the area, none of them have witnessed any. They give the Planeteers directions to the closest logging camp where an attack took place.

The Planeteers travel two days deeper into the woods, slaying a fey panther that stalked them when they passed through its territory. When they reach the location where the attack supposedly occurred, they find a functioning logging camp. The loggers here are surprised that anyone thought they had been attacked. They offer information on a camp they heard was attacked, but the directions they give are to the original logging camp the Planeteers visited.

  • No logging camps show evidence of attack
  • Garrison soldiers arrived and left more than a week past
  • Planeteers track soldier movements out of the forest, and after a week, they find evidence of an ambush closer to the mountain
Welcome to Fort Dolor
  • Planeteers learn of recent massacres in the north forest, and also of prophecies that seem to point to strangers as being bad for Fort Dolor
  • Sole survivor of the massacres, Xeriope, is recovering at local herbalist shop, describes terrible attack on her logging camp
  • Fort Dolor residents are unwelcoming and uninformative. Planeteers decide to investigate massacred logging camps for clues
The Howling Hermit

Olwick surveyed the immediate area, and determined them to be within equal distance between the regularly ravaged town of Fort Dolor and the cave of the former devourer of said town, the white dragon Frystiomagythant. Some distance to the south was the expansive blue lake that marked the transitional border between the Winter Court and Summer Court, and to the north was the forested area that would eventually lead to the Fortress of Frozen Tears, palace of the Pale Prince.

Wary of notifying any native Eladrin of their unscheduled arrival into the Winter Court, Jym strongly suggested seeking shelter in the mountainside.

With the group on edge from the sudden change in landscape, Olwick agreed for the group to head west to the crags.

The Planeteers trudged through the thick snow, assaulted by sleet and icy winds. Their health and good cheer dropping with the temperature, until they spied a cabin, half-built into the mountainside, with black smoke puffing determinedly from its chimney.

More willing to face danger near a warm fireplace than in a chill wind, the Planeteers announced their presence, and not hearing a response, let themselves in through the leather-covered entrance.

The only occupant of the sparse, wide entrance room was a grizzled old dwarf woman, rocking in her chair by the fireplace. Though Olwick repeated his greeting, the dwarf woman paid him no heed. She seemed to be mumbling to herself a series of warnings.

She began rocking faster and her voice raised to a higher pitch as she suddenly sat up straight in her chair and shouted,

YOU are the strangers!”

  • This woman prophesized the coming of the Planeteers as terrible to Fort Dolor
  • Blind dwarf woman raised an ogre warhulk as her grandson in a hidden cave behind the cabin
  • Planeteers leave no survivors in the cabin and trek to Fort Dolor
Leaving Nentir

The Planeteers got into a row over journeybread quality with the local breadsmith and apprentices.

One week later, Jym arrived from Fallcrest to bail the Planeteers out of confinement.

Stark carried supplies and funds in caravan back to the Planeteers headquarters in Fallcrest, while as a last favor to the Glintshield Clan, the others investigated a mysterious wailing outside the town.

The Planeteers followed their ears to the source of the wailing, and were very surprised at what they found: a lone Shardmind, arms sharpened into fine blades, attacking a glowing outcropping of rock! This situation would require careful observation and caution.

Naturally, they sent Darth Machismo up first.

While the others looked on, Darth approached the Shardmind…and aimed a powerful punch at the rock he was striking! Dave cried out a warning, but too late! The glowing rocks created a teleportation effect and Darth was blasted violently away toward the sheer cliff edge!

In an instant, the strange Shardmind launched his arm out to grab onto Darth’s leg, and safely, though humiliatingly, pulled him down prone in a pool of rainwater collecting at the cliff edge.

Dave shared what he knew of such manifestations of arcane portals, that they were comprised of crystals from the The Living Gate, possibly the source from which Shardminds hailed and protected. The others looked to Dread for his opinion, but this was his first time encountering another of his kind. Though Dave and Jym expressed caution, something familiar about the destination image appearing in the center of the crystals intrigued Olwick.

To Darth, the Shardmind introduced himself as Amata, an Executioner of such Arcane Portals, which he called “obscene pustules upon the face of this world.”

At that moment, Olwick confirmed what his Eladrin eyes had seen. The arcane portal led to his master’s demense, home of the Winter Court: the Vale of the Long Night. Olwick decided to assist in the destruction of the arcane portal, as he knew the Lord of the Long Night did not like hidden passages into his realm.

Reluctantly, Dave and Jym began assaulting the portal from a distance. Darth Machismo got in the last pummel, before the crystals cracked apart in a burst of violet light.

“Farewell, new friends,” Amata sent to the minds of the Planeteers as his body crumbled in a Shardswarm. “We shall meet again.”

They had other things to be concerned about, as the resulting damage had destroyed the arcane portal…and teleported the party into the middle of the Vale of the Long Night.

Fall to Pieces

The final confrontation with the orcs of Stonefang Pass was a fight against a massive beast whose heart and other organs lay separate.

It was defeated by damaging its vital essences with the previous cavern’s magic circles.

The Glintshield Clan thanked and rewarded the Planeteers when they returned to Timbervale at the job’s end.

A Circular Path

With the hall now unblocked, the Planeteers stealthily delved deeper into Stonefang Pass.

The hall opened into a great cavern, hewn from the mountainside to form a rocky cathedral of sorts, with a deep pit in the center. Around the pit were four huge magic circles, glowing in different colors. A path circled around the entire cavern, connecting at four points with short steps, alternate to the magic circles.

Suddenly, arrows were fired at the Planeteers! Orcs! A tribal shaman, imbued with troll-ish abilities, rallied his followers, archers, and large pet troll against the Planeteers.

The battle was difficult. The archers had as great range and accuracy as the troll had destructive power, and the Troll Shaman Orc regenerated rapidly. In the end, the Planeteers teamwork, discernment of the magic circles’ enhancements, and sheer stubborn determination overcame the orc host. Although one archer managed to escape the cavern, the Troll Shaman was killed, tossed into the pit (where his body hovered mysteriously), and his body burned into unregenerative ash.

Under the Pass

The Planeteers found a large hall that led deeper into the mountainside. After a dangerous encounter with chasms and earthquakes, the end hall was found to be blocked by a giant, solid slab of rock.

A wide side stairwell diverged upwards and west, but was terrible with pressure plate traps. Thank goodness for Olwick and Dread’s teleportation abilities. Heavier allies like Oromis and Stark were aided with ropes and pitons. Darth Machismo leapt the entire stair length in a single bound.

Atop the stairs was a small chamber with an intruder-seeking turret, snake homunculi, and a heavy portcullis. Through clever use of Shardmind and Warforged physiology, Dread and Stark were able to keep the portcullis open for the party to pass (the exact method involved a leg, a crowbar, and falling prone awkwardly). Dave, Olwick, and Darth Machismo made quick work of the snake constructs, and Oromis salvaged the turret for Stark to modify into an arm-bow component.

Past the gate were a handful of rooms and, unfortunately, numerous orcs. Dread made the decision to bond himself in a pact for great power, and began his training as a Warlock, flinging powerful curses at each enemy in sight. A group of Stonechain Dwarves were observed conducting a magic ritual of some sort for protection against the orcs.

A large golem, cast in the likeness of a giant dwarf, was found and controlled to lift the earlier hall gate, unblocking the main path.

Orcs of Stonefang Pass

Interested in raising expedition funds, the party has taken a job from a local count to assist the Glintshield clan of dwarves in clearing the Stonefang Pass so that it can be used for trade between the town of Timbervale and the lands beyond the Stonemarch. Brave adventurers were needed to rid the pass of monsters and liberate Stonefang Keep, the former home of the displaced Glintshield clan, from vicious orcs and their mysterious allies, the Stonechain dwarves.

Upon arriving in Timbervale, Dread and Dave got the details of the assignment from the leaders of the Glintshield clan. They were to rid the pass of monsters and liberate Stonefang Keep, the former home of the displaced Glintshield clan, from vicious orcs and their mysterious allies, the Stonechain dwarves. The party also met the dwarf maiden Hadara, who asked that they find the matching sending stone lost in the evacuation of the pass.

After drowning some vicious hippogriffs and leaving their bodies to carnivorous archerfish, the party was able to rest in a relatively quiet spot along the pass. They were awoken very early by encroaching carrion crawlers, and dispatched a clutch of gricks in time for breakfast.

Fallcrest Counterattack

On a high hill with an excellent view of Fallcrest, central most city of the Nentir Vale


As the Yellowskulls brought their final reserves to bear on the city for the final push, Captain Nathan Faringwray seized his chance and invoked the power of the cities lone teleportation scroll to whisk the party to the location the Yellowskull battle leader to break their chain of command. The party entered battle with a small group of gnoll guards and the demonic presence of the bar-lgura battle leader. After an intense engagement, the party watched as the lack of effective leadership dealt a deathblow to the attempt to take Fallcrest from its brave defenders.

To thank the party for their unfettered loyalty and bravery, the city of Fallcrest awarded them a Safewing Amulet and Everlasting Provisions to assist them in their further adventures.


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