Fort Dolor

Citadel fort dolor

More than a century ago, a fortified town was built in the hinterlands of the Feywild now known as the Vale of the Long Night. The fort-town housed an army garrison tasked to protect the valuable resources and trading routes running through this wild corner of the Winter Lands. The land bordered on mountains rich in precious ore, on forests holding valuable timber, and on a river that provided fertile farmland.

Unfortunately, the land also held terrible dangers, the greatest of which was the powerful white dragon Frystiomagythant. As soon as the fort-town grew large enough to draw his attention, the dragon destroyed it. Unwilling to give up a location with such precious resources necessary for survival in the Cold Lands, the archfey would rebuild the fort; the town within the fort would thereafter grow anew, only to suffer the wrath of the dragon once again. This devastation happened numerous times, killing scores in the process.

Finally, just as the fort-town, nicknamed Fort Dolor by the unlucky inhabitants, grew large enough to be doomed to another dragon attack, a band of adventurers braved Frystiomagythant’s icy lair and slew the dragon. With that threat gone, the fort-town was free to grow more prosperous than ever before. Miners, loggers, farmers, and craftspeople quickly learned of the opportunities offered in the rich lands around Fort Dolor. The once-doomed town is now seen as a place to make one’s fortune.

Two years have passed since the vanquishing of the dragon, and Fort Dolor has quickly turned into a shining citadel where even garrison troops finally see being stationed there as something more than just a death sentence. The locals who survived the dragon’s attacks have started to forget the past troubles, but a new threat grows.

Fort Dolor

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