The Planeteers

Heroes through and through, the Planeteers have formed a company whose work often is involved in directly saving the Nentir Vale, and sometimes the world.

The association began in Hommlet, with Nadarr, Olwick, and dwarf Morgran defeating a gang of bandits headquartered at the village moathouse. Their success led them to establish headquarters in Fallcrest, where they recruited new members like Darth Machismo, Dave, Dread, Jym, Oromis, and Stark.

The group ousted necromancers from Vanamere’s Tower and proved invaluable to the defense of Fallcrest in a siege orchestrated by the Yellowskulls. The Planeteers were later hired by the Glintshield dwarf clan out of Timbervale to assist in reopening Stonefang Pass.

Here is where the tale splits, as due to a chance meeting with a strange Shardmind, some of the Planeteers were caught in a planeshifting explosion and became trapped in the Feywild.

Even during this unplanned visit to the Vale of the Long Night, the Planeteers managed to make the most of their time and rescued Fort Dolor from the terrible plot of otherworldly monsters, earning good will and safe passage to the Summer Court from the Prince of Frost himself. Olwick parted ways with the group here, as he could not immediately refuse an order from the archfey to be more directly present in the Winter Court.

In Mithrendain the Planeteers ranks were bolstered by the addition of Harbek Mitja and Lucan, where they were last heard of to be in the middle of a gambit to protect the barrier beneath the Autumn City from sinister forces.

The Planeteers

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